Gadget Addiction

Gadget Addiction

The modern world has increased the significance of gadgets in our day to day life making life simpler and comfortable. Gadget addiction is characterized by spending excessive time on gadgets, letting gadgets taking control of one’s life and spending most of one’s time in gadgets than with people around them. Even kids are affected, lacking social circles as they do not interact with everyone. As gadgets are readily available, there is no restriction on usage of gadgets, gadgets seems to be fulfilling to establish connections without requiring for a need to meet someone personally, provides services easily and rapidly, the anonymity it creates and maintains, everyone finds it easier to access and hence over a period of time leads to dependence on gadgets, which later results in addiction.

Symptoms of Gadget Addiction

  • Procrastination.
  • Defensiveness.
  • Avoidance of Work.
  • Lacks Responsibility.
  • Dramatic mood swings.
  • Aggression, Anxiety and Dishonesty.
  • Being restless without using gadgets.
  • Hopelessness when not using gadgets.
  • Inability to Prioritize or Keep Schedules.
  • Feelings of Euphoria when using gadgets.
  • Social withdrawal and prefers to be alone.
  • Lack of sleep and changes in sleep patterns.

Gadget Addiction Treatment

Damage assessment, Self Analysis, Individual Counselling, Family Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Marital counselling, Need Analysis, Life Skills Training, Relapse Prevention Strategies and Personality Development.

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