Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behaviour and leads to an inability to control the intake of drug. When one becomes addicted they continue to intake the drug despite of the harm it causes. Cannabis addiction can start with experimental use of a recreational drug in social situations, and, for some people, the drug use becomes more frequent. The risk of addiction and how fast you become addicted depends on the frequency of cannabis intake.

Psychological Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

  • Unable to stop using the drug.
  • Increased Tolerance for Cannabis.
  • Preoccupied with intake of Cannabis.
  • Hallucinations, Delusions and Suspicious Thoughts
  • Altered senses, Mood changes and Impaired Memory.
  • Indulging in risky activities under the influence of drug.
  • Regular inattention to family and professional obligations.
  • Withdrawal symptoms while attempting to stop drug intake.
  • Spending money on the drug, even though one couldn’t afford for it.
  • Indulging in any activity that one normally wouldn’t do, to get drug.
  • Consuming more amount of the drug for longer period of time than actually intended.

Physical Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

  • Irregular sleep patterns.
  • Tremors and Abdominal pain.
  • Increased or Decreased Appetite.
  • Nausea, Vomiting and Dehydration.
  • Irritability, Anger, Aggression and Anxiety.
  • Chest pain and increased risk for heart attack.
  • Breathing problems, Lung infections, and Bronchitis.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Detoxification, Damage assessment, Self Analysis, Individual Counselling, Family Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Marital counselling, Need Analysis, Life Skills Training, Relapse Prevention Strategies, Personality Development, Narcotic Anonymous Support and 12 Steps Program.

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