Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult ADHD)

Adult Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adult ADHD) is a chronic condition in which the individuals finds difficulty in sustaining attention, is hyperactive, not being able to control behavior (impulsive). ADHD usually begins in childhood and may continue into adulthood which makes them difficult to adjust with the environment and cope with normal life functioning.

Symptoms of Inattentiveness

  • Gets distracted easily.
  • Fails to finish tasks at work.
  • Does not follow instructions.
  • Forgets items required to perform tasks.
  • Finds difficulty in organizing tasks and activities.
  • Fails to pay close attention and make careless mistakes.
  • Avoids and hate tasks that require enduring mental effort.
  • Finds difficulty in sustaining attention during tasks or play.

Symptoms of Hyperactivity

  • Excessive talking.
  • Fidgets with hands/feet or twists in seat.
  • Has problems playing or working quietly in a place.
  • Goes around running and climbing in inappropriate situations.
  • Often leaves their place (unable to sit in a place for some time).
  • Symptoms of Impulsivity
  • Unable to wait for their turn.
  • Interrupts while others are talking.
  • Interferes in others performing of a task.
  • Blurt out answers even before question is completed.

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment

Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy, Insight oriented Psycho-education, Behavior Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Need Analysis, Life Skills Training, Relapse Prevention Strategies, Social and Self Support group.

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