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Outpatient care is a therapeutic, educational and supportive program for voluntary individuals, whose behavioural problems are manageable based on their mental illness, addiction and behavioural issues. The program consists of using variety of techniques and approaches to assist individuals with an understanding of the impact on their mental health and addiction on their lives and help them make positive life changes.

Who Needs In – Patient Care

Hospitalization is essential for those who are at risk of harming oneself and others, whose behaviour seems to be unmanageable, who are not in touch with reality, those who are dependent on substances and unable to control oneself from consumption of such substances due to which the day to day functioning of the individual gets impaired. It affects all aspects of the individual’s life such as academics, work, social and interpersonal relationships.
During the period of hospitalization the individual is closely monitored to assess, to diagnose, provide with medications, to stabilize the symptoms exhibited, to manage behaviours and to monitor their progress.

Admission Procedure

The individual’s family member has to provide details regarding the patient and their problem behavior either face to face or through calls, then they are provided with information regarding their illness. If they are willing to admit their ward, family member can visit the hospital and its facilities during the working days, Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. If they are about to admit their ward, either they can drop their ward in hospital or hospital escort service would help them. Treatment varies from person to person depending on the type of illness and severity of the illness. Treatment period also differs depending on the individual and their progress.
After admission family has to provide medical history, meet psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist and general physician (if required) to provide all the necessary information and abide by the terms and conditions of the hospital for the treatment to be carried out.

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