Mental health counseling is what people typically think of when they hear the word counseling, but counselors’ actual job duties may go well beyond what people imagine. Clinical counselors do indeed talk people through problems. In many cases, though, they diagnose as well as treat mental illness.

    Mental health counselors help patients work through personal issues like anger management, depression, suicidal thoughts, aging, parenting, self-image, relational problems, stress, or addiction. They provide psychotherapy, assessment, diagnosis, substance abuse treatment, and crisis management.

    Following counseling options are provided for patients

    • Marriage and family counseling
    • Reclamation counseling
    • Mental health counseling
    • Substance abuse counseling
    • Child development counseling
    • Parenting counseling
    • Child & Adolescent Guidance counseling
    • Generalized Anxiety counseling
    • Social Phobia counseling
    • Emotionally Unstable management counseling
    • Personality development counseling

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