About Us

    About us.

    Serene Life Hospital offers an integrated program for Psychiatric,  psychological,  De-Addiction, Behavioral, and Mental Health well-being. Serene Life Hospital operates with ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities licensed (Licensed No:313) under the Institute of Mental Health. (Mental Health Act, 1987)

    Serene Life Hospital is one among Tamilnadu’s leading and most chosen residential and non- residential treatment provider that serves the Community with Commitment, Dedication, Personalized Care and Compassion with Highest Standards of Health Care with nearly 6 years of mental health care experience.
    Hence we started our Operations in 2012 on a Gracious Cause to Serve. We have treated more than 1602 addiction patients and 996 Psychiatric patients. Most of the patients are still in regular follow up and living a successful life. (Till Sep 2017) Serene Life Hospital has earned an excellent reputation for its commitment towards safe, confidential and effective treatment. Clients and their families from all over India come here for treatment.

    Our Best Multidisciplinary mental health Professionals team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist, Medical & Psychiatric Social Workers and Staff Nurse, Together, this team of professionals treats patients suffering from a variety of Psychiatric Disorders, Addiction and Behavioral problems. Psychiatric nurses assess mental health needs, develop diagnoses, and plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care both acute and chronic Mental Health problems

    Serene Life Hospital team has Conducted various programs with the aim of spreading awareness about mental illness, substance abuse, Anger management Parenting skills and others. Such programs have been conducted in various colleges, schools, government and corporate sectors.


    Our vision is to enhance patient recovery through dedicated service, family and community networking, collaborative research efforts, and maximizing evidence based treatment practices.


    Serene Life Hospital provides excellent care in a safe and respectful environment to promote hope and quality of life for individuals with mental illness.


    • Serene Life Hospital works to continuously improve quality of care.
    • Serene Life Hospital partners with patients and community to instill hope and reinforce an attitude of recovery.
    • Dignity, respect, safety and integrity are the foundations of our therapeutic environment.
    • We earn trust through partnership with patients, family and community

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